Stefano Brivio

Researcher @ CNR Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems

SB is currently staff researcher of CNR – IMM in the Unit of Agrate Brianza. In 2009, SB got his PhD in Physics in Politecnico di Milano with a thesis about the magnetoelectric coupling at the interface between metals, ferroelectric, ferromagnetic materials. He spent 1 year in Politecnico di Milano as a postdoc and moved to CNR – IMM in 2011, where he started to work on nanoscaled resistive switching memories. He has been active in the development of emerging memory devices for neuromorphic architectures for more than five years. His main research interests are in the exploitation of the physics of devices for the development of bio-inspired functionalities useful for neuromorphic computation.

SB took part in several EU research projects like RAMP (Real neurons-nanoelectronic architectures with memristive plasticity); NEURAM3 (Neural computing architecture in advanced monolithic 3D-VLSI nanotechnologies) and MeM-Scales (Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures). He is currently responsible in CNR for the National project COSMO (Analogue computing with dynamical switching memristive oscillators).